All In Package - Better Life for Half the Price

The package for people ready to cut their expenses in half sooner rather than later. Includes the e-book, special reports, private Facebook group, insiders e-mail reports, live webinars, conference calls, and one-on-one coaching from the author.

The “I’m All In!” package for upgrading your life while avoiding the potential pitfalls:

A Better Life for Half the Price: How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live

Cheap living abroadThis is a robust e-book of 300+ pages full of detailed advice, interviews with 50+ expats living the dream, and detailed pricing information for 18 of the cheapest places to live in the world. Full of resources for individual countries as well as overall resources for more info on moving abroad.

ePub or Kindle File

You’ll have the opportunity to download the book in your favorite e-reader format if you would like.

Choosing Where to Live visual guide

Flow charts to help your decision making process in finding your ideal place to live for cheap

4 Additional Reports from Experts:

- The Offshore Cheat Sheet by Mikkel Thorup of

- How to Travel the World in a Financially Sustainable Way - a 5-part e-mail course from Nora Dunn, the Professional Hobo.

- Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That? - a savvy travel e-book guide that will help you on your pre-move travel research or trial run. By me, Tim Leffel.

- Getting More Done as Your Own Boss by Travis and Jason of Location Indie

Private Facebook Group

This invitation-only insiders group will only be open to the Committed and All In purchases who are serious about living a better life for half the price. You’ll be able to communicate with others planning their move abroad, talk about destinations, and get questions answered by both your peers and the book’s author.

Insiders E-mail Newsletter

Again going out to just the Committed and All In subscribers, this will go beyond the public monthly newsletter to included visa updates, curated articles that are useful, international job resources, and new resources to check out.

Access to Recorded Interviews

You will be have access to all recorded webinars, videos, and audio interviews and if you miss something when it first goes live, there will be an archive page where you can snag it anytime at your leisure.

Audio Conference Calls To Answer Questions

Once per quarter you'll be invited to join an audio or video conference call where you can hear what's new and ask questions about specific countries, making arrangements before moving, and obstacles to overcome when moving abroad.

Two One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Some people, okay most people, have really specific lifestyle situations that don’t easily lend themselves to general answers. I’ll go through your wants and needs and we’ll talk about best places and solutions. One session will be early in the game, the other after you’ve narrowed down some choices. I’m saying 45 minutes each, but if they need to go over, we’ll keep talking.

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